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Did  You Know??

NASA, received a U.S.patent for the application of PEMF on enhancing tissue repair in animals. The research found that PEMF stimulates the growth of the fiercely researched stem cells.


Could your horse use some PEMF Ther​apy?

  • Is your horse in an active training program?  Routine sessions help to maintain the balance in cellular metabolism and keep the horse active and healthy. Sore muscles are effectively relieved with treatment.
  • Does your horse compete? Because Magna Waving improves cellular function and metabolism, a treatment will help them perform better when done before an event and help them recover more quickly when done after an event. Magna Wave has been used by 5 out of the last 7 Kentucky Derby Winners!
  •  Did your horse just travel? Despite modern trailering upgrades, a long trailer ride can leave your horse stiff, uncomfortable, and prone to gastric distress. A session with Grey Mare Magna Wave can fix that!
  • You brought your horse in from the field injured.Magna Wave therapy is clinically proven to improve your horse's ability to heal. Wounds in hard to heal places respond rapidly to our high powered machine. Sprains, strains, and bruises respond immediately to PEMF. Get your horse back, better! 
  • Does your horse have arthritis?Make your active senior or retiree more comfortable with routine treatments. 
  • Your horse has chronic hoof problems. Magna Wave therapy can work wonders on hooves prone to abscesses and stone bruises. It increases circulation to the targeted area, speeding up hoof growth and recovery. 
  • You have a breeding horse.  Help your broodmare bounce back with a rejuvenating appointment with us. Fast growing foals can benefit from a treatment of their own to help soothe their growing pains. Plus, it's a positive and enjoyable experience for both. Stallion owner? Keep your boy feeling and performing his best with a session focusing on his back, hocks, and stifles. 
  • All horses can benefit from treatment. Call us to see what we can do for you.

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