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Meet Jenny, Owner of Grey Mare Magna Wave

January 21, 2019

Do you know anyone who JUST. LOVES. ANIMALS? That's Jenny Cournoyer, owner of Grey Mare Magnawave. A childhood filled with furred, feathered, and finned friends set her on the path to a career in the Animal Health Field. The Magna Wave provided a perfect opportunity for her to help horses Heal Well, Feel Well, and Do Well. 


Breeding Season Booster

March 4, 2019

     Well, despite the foot of snow we unceremoniously received last night in Massachusetts, spring must be getting closer because my horses are shedding like crazy! Another true harbinger of spring is that horse breeders are gearing up for foaling and breeding season. 

     Breeding stallions can really benefit from a thorough PEMF therapy session. Not only is it a fully relaxing intermission during  a stressful and busy time of year for them, but it also rejuvenates overworked muscles and joints. 

     Aged Shire stallion, Chance, appreciated his time with me this weekend. He received a full body session with additional time spent on his hocks, stifles, and sacrum. Magna-waving an equine's joints reduces inflammation caused by overuse or arthritis, and increases synovial fluid production. This makes the treated joint more efficient and comfortable. Treating muscles releases tension, helping them perform smoothly, and reduces stiffness or soreness.

     I recommend treating the average  breeding stallion at the start of the season, every two weeks during the season, and at the summation of the season.  If a stallion is older and shows some arthritic changes or if he has a particularly full book, more treatments may be necessary. Check out the Grey Mare Magna Wave Facebook and Instagram pages for more pictures of Chance's PEMF therapy session!

    Stallion's aside, broodmares and babies are great candidates for PEMF therapy. Broodmares relish a post-partum treatment to help them bounce back from the strains of parturition. Rapidly growing foals benefit from the non-invasive relief of growing pains provided by the Magna Wave, and the short sessions are perfect for young attention spans. Watch the blog for mom and baby editions, and remember Grey Mare Magna Wave offers a Mommy & Me package deal. 

     Be sure to Contact Us  to set up an appointment so your horse can also Heal Well, Feel Well, and Do Well. 



Managing Arthritis with Magna Wave

March 25, 2019

      The modern equine caretaker is doing a terrific job! Advances in horse care and medicine have made it possible for our beloved equine companions to live longer and longer, and even continue productive careers well into their twenties. Unfortunately, in most active individuals, arthritis is inevitable. Supplements, medications, salves, liniments, injections, and voodoo are popular solutions, and go a long way towards managing the pain and minimizing the joint deterioration caused by arthritis. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is another incredibly beneficial addition to your arsenal of management options.

     So what exactly is arthritis? Chronic stress to the joint and the resulting inflammation, causes the cartilage within the joint to permanently degrade. Though there is no cure for arthritis, and damage done cannot be reversed, management is definitely possible. Preventing more damage by addressing the pain and inflammation is the key to slowing the advancement of this degenerative disease.

     Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy is a truly outstanding option for managing arthritic changes. It uses complex magnetic impulses to re-energize the cells within the joint. The electricity generated increases the cell's metabolism, and dramatically increases the blood and oxygen to the treated area. It stimulates the production of natural lubrication. It is non-invasive, and it feels good! PEMF Therapy has been used for years on race horses and show horses where the use of drugs is strictly prohibited. After a few treatments in arthritic areas, owners can see an often drastic improvement in their horse whether it be reduced stiffness, increased range of motion, or decreased inflammation.

     One of the main benefits of PEMF therapy is the significant reduction of inflammation. Inflammation is the factor that permanently degrades the cells within the joint, so eliminating it is so beneficial to reducing the pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. If inflammation is eliminated, pain is eliminated.

     The Magna Wave is a terrific PEMF therapy option. It provides the highest powered impulse available to a targeted location, meaning that your treatment times are shorter and more effective. Magna Wave delivers the healing energy directly into the affected area. For example, if your horse has arthritis in his knees, a certified Magna Wave practitioner can spend a mere fifteen minutes on each knee to achieve the desired results. It is extremely beneficial to provide the treatment precisely where you want it, especially between classes at a show or between full body sessions. 

     Contact us to see how a Magna Wave treatment can help your arthritic horse!


Pre-Farrier PEMF

March 9,2019

All horse owners are familiar with the old adage, no foot, no horse. Appropriate hoof care is the building block of a horse's overall health and well-being. When we find a farrier who does a great job, we do everything in our power to keep them happy and coming back every 6 to 8 weeks. 

Did you know that a PEMF therapy session before a farrier visit can help your horse stand better for the farrier? Achy muscles and arthritic joints can make hoof maintenance uncomfortable for many horses. A freshly magnawaved horse will not only have a more fluid range of motion and more comfortable joints, but they'll also be more relaxed and apt to appreciate their mani/pedi. 

Some of the best ways to keep on your farrier's nice list are as follows:

  1. Have a clean horse. Clean, dry, feet and legs and freshly picked out hooves are much more pleasant to hold on to than muddy, sweaty, or poopy limbs.
  2. Do your groundwork. In order for your farrier to do the best job possible, the horse has to stand quietly. It's a lot easier to create a masterpiece of a shoe-job on horse that isn't trying to run away or kill the person bent over underneath them. 
  3. Be prepared. Have your horse inside, and ready to be worked on. Have your wallet out. 
  4. Just treat the person willing to work on your horse's feet the way you would want to be treated if you spent hours a day underneath a thousand pound animal. Provide snacks, drinks, fans, and fly spray!
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