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Treatment Options

We are proud to offer a treatment package for every situation and price point. 

All horses deserve to experience the benefits of a therapy session so please let us know what we can do for you and your beloved equine partner. Keep an eye on our social platforms for exciting deals and promotions. 

Full Body Session

Recommended for all situations. It is the best treatment option for recovery and before an event. Full body treatment is also a terrific diagnostic tool to target specific problem zones your horse has. Treatment takes 1 hour+ depending on your horse's individual needs. $100

Plus Call Fee if Applicable

Trouble Zone Session

Effective for treating wounds or specific arthritic areas, a Trouble Zone treatment is a cost effective way of managing known problems. 

15 minutes $30

30 minutes $55

Plus Call Fee if Applicable

Full Body Session Package

Buy two full body sessions and get 20% off of your third. Can be applied to multiple horses. 

We appreciate your business!

Plus Call Fee if Applicable

Trouble Zone Session Package

Buy three of the same Trouble Zone Sessions and get your fourth free! This package helps make injury recovery a little more affordable. 

Plus Call Fee if Applicable

Mommy & Me

Buy a Full Body Session for a broodmare, get a 15 minute Full Body Session for Baby for only $20

Plus Call Fee if Applicable

Winner's Choice

Win any class or race after either a Full Body Session or a Trouble Zone Session, and get a 30% discount on your next treatment!

Plus Call Fee if Applicable

Pony Clubbers, 4-H ers and IEA/IHSA  Members

Farm Call Fees

Fees are per call, not per service. 

Within 20 minutes of Jefferson, MA


Within 90 Minutes of Jefferson, MA


Within 40 minutes of Jefferson, MA


Within 3 Hours of Jefferson, MA 


Within 60 minutes of Jefferson, MA


Interested in booking a visit greater the 3 hours away?

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